2 strung out 2 think 2 care i'm alone finding my way 2 get my next fix

Desperate 2 feel relaxed rob the inncocent bystander give me everything 

Malnurished fragile weak bones i deteriote a zombie a beast with disease


They are scared when my eyes turns red with rage 2 eat 2 find a place 2 sleep

Unware who cares look at me the fool i am i will get what i want by force entry

Get away from me when i am activated i will erase you with my sub-zero freeze


I grew up clean than i met the violaters that change my mind 2 corrupt the real

They laughed as i spazz when i took a hit of the stinky dank and the brown liquid

Just 2 put me in my place 2 recall the event that happened between us exposed


So that those little wink piece of dog turds that i followed can have a change of heart

It's a savage world when people live 4 arrogance and money 2 control higher status

You wonder why the vulnerable who were humble act crazy get pissed and drop bodies


I can't be saved i'm a rampage 2 die slowly with narcotics supplements the pill i need

Dose off eyes wide shut i snooze you i skyke i awake i am monster ugly dont't hideous

The addiction broke me i am not the same i am sick know 1 cares i try but i'm a true Junkie





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