She lost it


Spit true 2 your roots amazed and jealous that i love you

Speak your mind when it is in your mind expose unjustment

Go ape shit release the slippery discharge brown musturd


Who cares i'm fare im real uncooperative silly willy i smile at you

Just 2 piss you off your soft i love u i will break u lonely your soft relax

Say the truth on the track it's easy i do it i'm talented if you cared listen


I will demolish you i get in it's nothing 2 me flawless delivery amazing

It's a warm up when i hear the beat your obsolte you thought i was weak try me

DRaw you 2 me with humble smooth flow your doo doo a smiley turd that got pressed

I'm your savior when you act brave your hairy get a shave use my trimmer your unapproachable


Presentations means alot 2 the shorties that were neglected ride show n tell surprise them love them

Holy christ spiritual awakening she understood me i got her wet with words that had her thinking twice

Do you my love no judgement they hate u 4 being yourself you shine your a dime queen i pharisse you


Come 2 me 2 give you healing you need the treatment i'm your doctor that will clean away your pain

Your not alone at home reach out don't be afraid i will listen even if your lost and misguided my princess

All she wanted was love and appreciation when her parents and so called friends did not she hates she lost it












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