I step in the scene 2 enjoy the vibes i got moves 2 groove

The crowd are amazed 2 see a real human jam out 2 the beat

Free your soul oblivated i'm retarded im me get lost i the ozone


I lose my mind i dip it low with class when i hear the drum music 

I gives zero fucks in the zone do not bother the real borther that can

Go ape shit i the G the memory in the brain hate me love candy cain


Never shyy 2 step 2 grab the horney snowflake that whats dick n attention

Embarassment the silly haters that look at you with a pussy stare your scared

Ignore them look at them as they are jealous immaculate dance play confused


Rage this year i'm a demon hellrazazor needle in me i pook out with a smile

2 shyy no wingmann 2 slip and slide they tried 2 be by your side soft toy

Love me till you hate me honest a true best friend i'm best your least whats next?


Womanizer equalizer i get it and move i'm hung long strong demolish her i love her

The 2 pussy niggas that should have my back laughed they thought he was gone

I'm on point like a joint a showed them i never break and get any freak slow wine dancehall




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