The Pedestrian


Leave the house put your feet on the floor hit the road

Intense and nervous when you proceed look ahead focus

On your phone reply 2 the text message your not alone


Hard to pay attention when you lose balance trip n fall

Hope that no one saw the embarrassment continue away

Blast the music in your ears just 2 stay relaxed 2 move


Lost new in town looking 4 directions ask the few i don't know clueless

Use the GPS 2 guide you 2 mislead you 2 confuse you i hate technology

Wave your hand 2 stop the taxi they see your image judge and run quickly


Feeling agitated that the earthlings don't care when you show respect

Beat unappreciated give a helping hand when you see someone in pain

Rise up 2 put a smile on the lost soul who needs an intervention give


Read a prayer verse 2 encourage him or her 2 change and seek treatment

Because a person with a heart  took the time 2 acknowledge 2 understand

I love you i am human i see you im here 4 you just reach out the pedestrian











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