King of the jungle



The lion chilling in the cut is the most violent

He mined he's business when hungry kill zebra

Spazz without reason snap zero 2 a 100 fearless


They pissed there testes the other animal shook afraid

Confused on what 2 do run 4 ur life i demolish the weak

I do me am the head hancho in charge do not underestimate


I'm solid built with spamina rip you apart show no tears i dominate

2 leave you thinking twice i'm not nice cold like ice try me if your brave

Silly rabbit your toy in my eyes insecure a walk in the park i wish u would


Yawn with desperate hunger i lay down under the dry tree in the safari

Eyes wide awake oberve with precision on point at times im ready 2 attack

Release the liquid fluids in my twin balls make it quick raw pipe my bitch


My teeth are made of ravor sharp blade it go's through skin like "i can't believe it's butter"

Short fuse temper tantrums the slightest irritation will make me lose my mind and u lose

This is my territory my sanctuary i run the show i control with imtimidation king of the jungle





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