They know him as HB27


I came back after 5 years things has change

It's a cold world when know 1 gives zero fucks

Thats why you must keep your A game on all time


So that the haters won't break you down strong fight

Because i'm free happy obliviated i let rip discharge

Just 2 leave them confused he had courage 2 think


I have father god beside me 2 dodge opstacle kill

So that i remain stain 2 control my anger quick lash

Smile on my face go with pace brush it off it's real


They give no fucks about me the people inhumane 

Zombies they are agoistic arrogance money power

See the bullshit in there eyes 2 put them in there place


The vulnerable person has noting to lose make your move

Your amateur i'm a beast your least proceed funny toy laugh

High caliber i get it in break the weak aim high i'm known HB27








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