Sitting on the grass watching the beautiful skyline

Taking the time 2 relax and indulge around scenery

Hard day at work release tentions jogs long walks


Just to try so that you feel happy that you felt relieve

Because the evil poison has your soul toss and fold

Staying positive to push yourself 2 the limit stamina


Captured in your mind can't focus repeat again words

Find the courtyard play basketball alone no competition

Sweat out the inner pain as you dribble with perfection


The bystanders our jealous of how you aim and score

They wish they had your quick skill to emulate the move

Thats why they stair with confused amazed facial feature


Burn off steam fight the demon battle the addiction fight

Put a smile on your face keep going keep at it keep raising

Wake up at 4AM striaght 2 the point stay healthy excercise




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