Summer time at Wasaga


Fresh out of high school i made it i graduated

Good times enjoy the warm weather breeze

Reserve the hotel room in advance we arrived


Take a walk at the sidewalk seaview observe the crowd

Spot the potential female to spoil 4 the night dine

Spit game to get lucky get her attention with perfection


Make a date pick her up hit the club dance 2 the beat

Drop it like it's hot oblivated in the zone haters mug

Back 2 the telly wasted time 2 fornicate lust seduce 


Laid pipe she was pleased smile on her face in years

Speaker blasting music as we lounge to spoken words

Blazing the herb eyes dilated mind stimulated at ease


Talent show on full display sing, rap, act, and dance

Family and friends having fun take a swim shoreline

A 7 day week 2 remember summer time at wasaga 


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