The return 2 school


People and loved ones who doubted me said i would be a failure

I swallowed my pride instead to react to let them inside break me

As a grew older i became wiser even though i was going through pain


Tried to reach out 4 help no 1 came i felt alone thinking and stressing

Isolated never appreciated just a turd to observe disregard and ignore

It hurt my feelings knownig that this world is cruel thats all about arrogance


Stayed humble free spirited to relate and to go with flow comply 2 those lost

I was there true real adviser that put them in there place when they were wrong

Just to read the bullshit in there eyes thinking that they can intimidate a warrior


Proceed with caution hit the road to the right direction to reach success achieve

Face my fears drip no tears pay attention and hear good advice to make me rise

Nothing can stop me i'm all they way up finding my path the ultimate player drath


Run a full relay as fast as i can to out speed my opponent i'm a tasmanian devil

Hungry drive in me i will never be scared to push myself to the limit win endless

Go hard or go home understand or disrupt the session get ready the return 2 school




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