2 Nosey


Sitting alone on the grass stearing at point view

Amazed at the sight in my eyes fresh air skys

Greet the lost individual lerking around the park


Afraid to ask the Q how r you doing whats up?

Mind your business stay humble encourage smile

Walking away feeling concerned about the event


Keep it 2 yourself or snitch 2 the authorities rat

Because u lack being free & oblivious the hater

Go home 2 your comfort zone and be lonely daily


Know one likes you u are arrogant insecure small willy a boy 

Tried 2 fit in your negative appearnace neglected attention

Thats why your mad and sad looking 4 an outlet 2 be a bitch


Be miserable be ungrateful just to provoke to get noticed denied

Abandoned from birth build with a curse to much 2 handle leave

On a mission just to pretend that your honest but your 2 nosey










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