Mardi Gras


Shrove tuesday the day before Ash wednesday i'm ready

This is the day i make my mark and shine on center stage

Go with flow be myself make friends conversate and relate


Say hi greet the event organizers social clubs talk to the krewe

Tell them your appreication for getting all the locals together

Shut down the city streets decorate the sides with lining lights


Attract the curious bystanders to participate rave and get in zone

Connect the long wire to the amplifier to hear the sound out speaker

Spazz out to the beat move your feet feel the harmony uplift your soul


Put a smile on your face breakdance all over the place enjoy the night shine

Who cares who looks there jealous because my groove is flawless impeccable

Leave with a hottie with your slick words get lucky to score in the sheets naughty


On the balcony the ladies toss in turn wearing long beads camera snaps tittie flash

Mr Colonel Sanders impersonator joins the festival to eat, laugh, and spit game

Hands up wave side to side do the electric slide New Orleans in the parade Mardi Gras







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