Under Surveillance


Walk the streets ear phones music dance to the beat

Eyes on every person that pass by agiated to confront

Afraid text on the phone trying to get home on time


Still you feel at ease wondering something is wrong

Innocent shook obedient to rise doubts 4 you to react

Paranoid looking all around to spot the intruder freeze


Take a break go to starbucks to get refreshed stimulated

Ride the subway switch lanes after next dodge the enemy

Criss cross side to side shield yourself trying not to be exposed


Nightmares in the dream hard to sleep moan and cry no rescue

Your main man got scared 4 his life seen a ghost pissed his pants

It broke him lost him he was never the same gone insane in the brain


When you leave your house they know the time and the destisnation

Unaware drive away meet the crew have fun enjoy the night wild out

Zoom in keep order watch each resident press record under surveillance






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