Special Education



They said your child has a learning disability and you believed a daily lie

The school psychologist are paid to mislead information based on opinion

Just because your kid can't learn doesn't mean there stupid never taught


Instead of a bookshelf to read you spoil your seed with cellphones and a mac pro

Parents your offsprings sees what you do if your sloppy and lazy they act inherit

Discipline and structure in the household to follow strict orders is necessary achieve


Your daughter is 13 already fantasizing about boys wearing makeup to get attention

Little boy thinks he's a man demands respect full of testosterone terrorize 4 control

Single mother under struggle lonely and depressed chaos after next forget netflix


Tell your business to the psychologist thinking that they care about your child entrapment

Listen to the command prescription adderall medicate the student so that they remain silent

You as a parent signed your own child's death certificate failed to teach agree with the teacher


As they laugh collect the cheque for each student registered take vacations with your tax dollars

Is a regular procedure to capture the vulnerable parent with a smart child i pledge allegiance

Yes sir no ma'am i will listen to your request as i am beat into pieces obey special education









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