Caribana Toronto


Jump and wave to the sounds of soca anthems

Let lose indulge bust a move feel the vibe inside

Follow the leader instructions spin and breakdance


Spit game to get a name spot the goddess approved

Let her know that i'm your warrior that will devour you

Feel at ease that this day will be a moment to remember


Speaker van blasting dancehall music sends kicks hypnotic

The crowd are amazed the beat hits the heart they get jiggy

Laugh smile kids and the family enjoy the event left mesmerized


Beautiful ebony queens in festival outfits capture the true essence

As they dance with perfection humble and nice they never stumble

Teaching the new school easy steps to do proceed swing side to side


Take pictures be social be liked command at hand real recognize real

Leave the participate to enjoy and mingle with guest stand out the best

I enter the stage in the line dance side to side with surprise Caribana Toronto



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