On the plane cruising up in the air high altitude

Nervous motion sickness upset stomach i womit

Say a prayer to reach my destination in peace


Excited to reunite with family and friends jubliant

Scroll through my phone view pictures mesmerized

Good times old times time flys long-awaited to meet


Make new friends on the flight laugh enjoy share ideas

Can't sleep in the middle seat agitated absorb bad smells

Man on right man on your left pass gas as they knock out


Code red alert the captain on the intercon brace 4 the impact

Slight turbulance the plane shakes viberates soon evaporate

Felt the gut instinct the passengers drip tears as it flows down


Make a distress call to your love ones tell them goodbye farewell

The plane descends vertically engine failure crashed in the ocean

No survivors except you left to fend trapped in a island i'm cast-away





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