Politics and News


Destruction and mayhem has hit the world globe

Spread messages of hate and fear distracted

Believing what we see and hear gearing up 4 war


Mislead the new young generation to listen agree

Buy the gadget enjoy the product surf the web

Brainwash the people select the weak terrorist


Solutions to emprove inequality the request denied

Leaving the poorly citizens to protest unjust treatment

Elect trained fake leaders in our office to read false hope


So that we will expect lies keep us in our place no revolution

Thinking they outsmart us but the intelligent few know the truth

Anticipating the worst outcome to strike upon the masses revelation


Unification is necessary amongst us to help lift our spirits high and cleansify

We must go back to basics read, understand, and decide get ready 4 the prophecy

Lets open our eyes see the clear picture nothing will change propaganda politics and news








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