Just A Millennial

Raised in a strict household to follow your parents legacy

Disobey the command receive dicipline action mind controlled

Completed post-seconday go to university with uncertainty


Hoping to make your parents proud to achieve there approval

Graduated with a degree only to live in debt due unemployable

Attend the interview to sale yourself get a rebuttal underqualified


Stressed lost and confused struggling to make ends meet defeated

Trying your best to stand out amongst the competition resilient

Wishing one day to obtain your dream career to rise and prosper


Pretending to be happy but in reality you don't know what you want

Stuck in a maze dodging obstacles going in circles just to get respected

Avoiding temptations that can lead into trouble clean humble never follow


Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selaphiel, and Raguel i'm protected god's angels

If i'm beat i'll stay optimistic if i cry i will wipe my tears perserverance brings results

Break through the wall climb the ladder i will never get scared just a millennial





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