Toronto Transit Commission

Hopped on the bus to reach my destination

Greet the driver recieve a rebuttal of intense rage

Take it personal or react to attack think twice cameras


Unpredictable on what to expect on the ride be cautious

Weirdo passengers that start shit 4 kicks 4 no reason

Provoke you to respond if tested you must defend yourself


The mentally disturbed drug addict is violated 4 being destructive

Who cares hurt them there not human zombies just a vulture

A daily routine nothing is a surprise ignore them don't rescue


Glued to your phone text after text instagram, twitter, facebook.

We've lost verbal communication to relate laugh and contemplate

Walk oblivious be selfish be arrogant be numb to not care at all


Mind your business hope to make it to work and home on time

Keep your guard up high anticipate an impact avoid the situation

Just a another day stops after stops on the bus toronto transit commission 





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