Money Moe


I knew a brother that was getting money since he was 18 teen

From stonebridge the northwest were life is a struggle

The london streets where everyman is out to make it and eat


He kept a close circle aware of the danger steady and ready 

Never bow down to silly fake chumps who pretend to care

Make my move unique style the ladies are amazed priceless


Command the crowd as i enter the venue they remember my name

Let it be known i ain't a joke to play with humble if tested i go ham

Berserk a lunatic with a short fuse stay in your lane before i attack


Smart nothing is difficult in my eyes finish the task at ease flawless

Create my own style to be followed spread the word they understood

Nothing to play with i'll put you in your place with words that you understand elementary


Theres no obstacle and yellow tape bearers that can hold me back to get out of the ghetto

If you lived the life i lived you would see how privileged and oblivious you are the jury

I am hood always misunderstood i have a heart just a savage despicable call me money moe












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