The art of Rhymes


My word play is impeccable i step in the scene and take over

Pay attention as i make my mark to dismantle my opponent 

Lyrical assassin come of the top swiftly immaculate vocabulary


Articulate speech speak intelligent to leave the listeners mesmerized

Put to the test to see your talent proceed break it down marvelous

Abracadabra magic tricks leviate up in the air priceless reactions


Who whould have thought a dude with a lisp can spit real flame

Ohh, pause i had a moment for my condition holla lu ya amen

Hit the stage show in Toronto compete show and tell prevail


I'm on a different level miraculous range terrific simple and plain

Spazz on the beat beacuse i'm a cannibal that eats every flesh

Leave no evidence conceal the trail get away with it untraced


Keep an eye out im here for the taken its my time to shine savage

Master mind i stay on my grind humble not like the rest just average

Emotions built within i express my thoughts through the art of Rhymes








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