Mother Africa


Fresh air clear skys palm trees that grows fruits

Beautiful landscape wilderness mountains geography

Developed skycrappers amazing parks what a scenery


Clean citizens attractive and healthy golden smile they shine

The media made you believe that were sick and have disease

If only you knew and came you would be amazed that we are a gold mine


The only continent were the rest of the world rely on our resources

Coltan, diamonds, gold, bauxite, oil, gas, and timber should i go on

The irony that we are labelled the poorest country is a misconception 


Sell-outs should be punished true leaders should stop western capitalization

So that we can grow improve our economy to regulate the intruders that infiltrate

Never estimate think that we as people will bow down and surrender the empire


Don't be fooled as a nation we are strong plan the project keep building keep growing

All visiters are welcomed take pictures to remember have fun keep it calm and safe

Stand proud be us be free promote our country the brave welcome to mother africa











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