The Reporter


On site to capture the moment live on television triumph

Occupied not concerned about the few who break rules

Just another day to be amazed no one is guilty freedom


Do our job report false news to make you believe we care

Ranks and numbers is what gets use noticed to get promoted

Who cares about a sad story that ends no glory fuck them


Thats all we see kill each other to be feared just a joke

Please the reporter to brag that we are not evil with no heart

That bitchs story was read she thought she made it but failed


Be honest be free be you your paid to put our people down

Its part of the job we must observe the dark object that disobey

All we see is the dangerous innoccent man in the projects


Lied to our people were mislead as usual overcome denial stand up

Lol conversate understand lead the way just another statistics win

Act like we care its just business to relate to make cake the reporter








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