1st Of July


Stand proud and show dedication to the flag

Hear the voices of the troops that fought freedom

In no man's land they took there stance to survive


Hungry starved days without a decent meal to heal

Come together as a unit wipe our tears glory is near

Recite words of poetry that would become an anthem


Naturalized the citizens that doubt hope to believe to prosper

Be wise spread the message let it flow from the heart genuine

Hearts shake thundering in utter amaze the people understand


The pain and heartache suffered trapped in the enemy trenches

Will be illustrated in a memorial to capture your true essences

Firing away eliminate the beast putting a smile on your face


We've come a long way today we will erase the parasite disease

Victory and glory to the canadian people that never showed fear

Fireworks demonstration displayed to the warriors red i bleed 1st of july





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