Live At The Concert

Hit the floor dance the night away with fun

Capture the moment with your cam get lose

Follow the instructions from the artist on stage 


12345 wavy your hands side to side show your pride

Wait 4 the kick feel this beat that makes you sweat 

Indulge this is a night to remember make friends


Get closer to the stage see the act in human form mesmerized

Bust a move lust to groove let the ladies see your calm approach 

Smile get hype to be copied beacuse you are mellow in the zone


It's rare to see your fave singer surprise the crowd once a year

Lounge with the crew lol talking smack drinking a cold beer

Lost and dazed from extreme intoxication wake up in a farm


Liquid courage had you misplaced in ackward silly disgrace

It was worth it i had a blast while others laughed when i danced

I'm me when i see enjoy once in a life time moment live at the concert










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