2067 Islington Avenue

4 seperate housing apartments that intersect

Thin walls sounds of music the neighbours make noise

High beam lights ignite at night to keep watch of crime


The block boys gather in groups to socialize and get high

Talking bare shit to each other unaware exposed to danger

The police and the enemy patrol to show dominance and fear


On the basketball court the game is on gun shot rings disperse

Struck man down assailant nowhere to be found i'm invincible

Daily routine nothing is the same blood stains on the concrete


Wake up early in the morning to avoid seeing the stupid savages

Scared to grow up and be men would rather terrorize and blast

Just to have a name thinking i made fame but reality just a lame


Dreams to save money improve move out of the systematic ghetto

Clean record progress in motion never break and follow the weak

A true story that i lived i hope change comes at 2067 Islington Avenue




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