Our strong mothers

The pain you suffered during your labour is regular you gave birth

A smile on your face amazed that you delivered a healthy baby on earth

Breast feed your seed who reminds you of you nurture your blood and care


Attentive aware spot the signs of sickness think quick respond and rescue

Your child recognized the sound of his mom only you ring bells no one else

Single a true woman the man left for you to pick the pieces do duty and provide


Speak wise give good advice be the centre of attention never forgotten and respected

Erase the silly fakes that pretend but in reality destroy proceed mission completed

No time for nonsense positive attitude something to look forward to in life appreciated


When you need someone to listen and relate to discuss your inner problems i'm all ears

Confess your worries that hurts inside and bults within leading to doubts have no fear

I've been there went through it slapped kicked in the head held my own i never shed a tear


In life difficult times our lifes improve don't hold a grudge that repeats ciycles keep it smooth

Learn to love yourself and others even though they hurt you push hate aside never switch and stoop

Piccasso a work of art that should be cherished understood dominance perserverance our strong mothers






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