Spadina & Queen St West


Out and about looking fresh ready to have fun

On the streetcar setting the mood excited time to groove

Exit touch down foot on the floor proceed and move


Intoxicated at ease relaxed get high free your mind

Stay on point spot the haters laugh at them and smile

No worries my time to shine enjoy the moment take flight


Snowflake groupies on deck all in eyes on the wasted

Trick her spit game make her fall for you leave her speechless

Seal the deal go to the hotel ride her with your long anoconda


The next day my phone rings my one night stand called i declined

A bachelor who loves the single life i will never be committed

Be me be free rap it up protect my willy to avoid a deadly virus


Another weekend hit the street on time arrive at the venue

Enjoy feel the music dance in the dark let out your emotions

Always lit this is the spot dreams come true at Spadina and queen st west

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