The cry 4 help

The spirit and passion to achieve is limited

Fear and loneliness got me trapped i can't move on

Despair and doubts in my mind i scream out loud


When will i have the courage to fight these demons inside

Scared to be myself nervous when i go outside

So i write poetry of misery trying my best to stay alive


Showed vulnerability weakness to people who i thought were friends

They used me lied to me i never heard from them again

It left me heartbroken and defensive to never trust people who pretend


Senitive with a calm demeanour shy and discrete

Isolated medicated i turn to drugs and alcohol to feel at ease

I have no one to relate to express the pain in me


They say good things happen to those who wait

I've been patient long enough as i slowly break

Father god if there's an answer i'm seeking the cry 4 help


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