The Adolescent Inmate

Went to court for my hearing I got sentenced 

25 to life in federal penitentiary no way out

Did the crime got caught prepare for destruction 


Repeat offender lost in the game now I'm locked in a cage

Never graduated broke rules dumb and illiterate I'm a fool

Followed a dangerous lifestyle to be known just to be cool


Growing up my childhood was decent and fare

Had parents who loved me they were always there

Drugs and alcohol changed me it made me unaware 


Social anxiety hard to make friends when you lack communication 

The only outlet for my hidden pain was to act and rebel

That's the mindset I believed to be recognised and noticed


I can't change my mistake's hold my head up and stand firm

Keep to myself be cautious ready observe listen and learn

Freedom is out the gate I must stay focused and in shape to survive 




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