Talking with my Jesus

This is what I say

Thankyou Lord you took the time

To sit here while I pray

I thankyou for creation

the wind the bird the tree

I thankyou for the stars above

For all that I can see

I thank you for the food i eat

The clothes upon my back

Even when I have a want

I never really lack

I took the time to pray for those

The many close to heart

Then the Lord just looked at me

Said its now His part

Thankyou my dear child

For giving me the praise

thankyou now you took the time

Your thankfulness you raise

thankyou my dear child

for seeing all I made for you

I love to watch your happiness

In all you say and do

Then He stopped a moment

Smiled with eyes so bright

thankyou my dear child

For being my bright light

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