I Dont Care

Inside Out

It does'nt matter noone hears,

Noone sees my running tears.

Noone tries to see my sad,

They just start to, just get mad.

I don't care what I should do,

To be a perfect one, to you.

I have things deep inside,

I try to not let it abide.

I am wrong thats it, is what i hear,

Not some saying what is wrong dear.

Let me clear my mind for you,

Let me know what I can do.

I see your hurt, tell me why,

I know its hard, please dont cry.

You let some in, showed your heart,

A new life you try so hard , to embark.

You louse it up each time you try,

You learn to ask yourself why.

Why do I try, Why do I dare,

Im going inside, I just dont care.

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