I Know Sometimes

Inside Out

I know sometimes I'm trouble

A lot of problems to

But sometimes I feel so lost

And dont know what to do

You say I should look to God

To tell Him all my woe

You say to seek this Jesus

A new life I should show

Sometimes I am carried

As people do the dead

You say I need to stop it

And stand up tall instead

I know the pain is over

At least in what we see

And yet i have so much hurt

Tell me how can this be

you tell me I do this or that

I'ts wrong from the start

You tell me God will fix me

But I have to do my part

You say I am negative

My words I shouldnt share

You tell me your my freind

You tell me that you care

You dont see inside me

Dont see how hard I try

That I NEVER have a day

I dont say I hope I die

I am  sorry I'm annoying

A problem for you to see

Someday I hope to show you

The person I want to be

One that sleeps at night

Happy to close their eyes

One that can be touched

And doesnt worry about lies

One that has a smile

Becasue I am alive

One that can say I am glad

I know I will survive

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