* But I'll Pray *

English Pieces

There's nothing more to say,

But I'll pray,

That your prayers are answered,

That your joys will multiply, and that

Your sorrows will dissolve into nothingness.

There will be nothing for me to add,

The alphabet is too small

To tell the story.

Do not misunderstand,

This is not about sorrow,

And not about glory,

This is about all,

the earth, the sky,

And their language of miracles.

Words are just words.

Who said that a prayer is all about words?

There is nothing more to say,

But I will Pray...

(May 31st, 2005)


This was written just before going to a sacred place

in Lebanon called "Harissa". Every word I wrote

turned out to be true. So when you run out of words,

do pray :)

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