Without Words

one mans mind can too easy fool you on what you actually see.
maybe ive been fooled since the beginning because i can only see.
see the potential of things i wish to be.
but these things will never happen because you are blind.
blind to the emotions radiating from ourselves.
ive fell victim to it so long ago.
poisoned by a perpetual sickness.
afflicted by your lips which brings me to my knees.
affection is never a double edged blade.
its always a one sided argument or a war within a mans mind.
ive been so calm and collective biding my time.
to wait for the perfect time.
i will turn to stone and erode away before that time comes.
dreaming myself awake at the thought of you.
I scream for you everyday. without words.
hoping my body can call your name.
but can you hear me?
or are you even listening?

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