In Memory of Aunt Rose


With open arms to greet you

Extremely loving as a whole

She will be missed so dearly

Being this family's absent soul

She was an awesome person

Fun to be with all year round

But God said to her "Come home, my child"

So now she's heaven bound

We shall miss her every day

From now until the end

But in our hearts we shall know

That love here she will send

She may be gone in person

But living in our hearts

Her memory will still live on

Even though we are far apart

Though her life has ended here

We know she lives on this day

Not here, but among angels

Where she was one during life's days

Aunt Rose, you will be missed forever

We love you and wish you were still here with us

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this for my Grandmother's Aunt who passed away a few years back. A family member emailed me the poem recently and I thought it would be nice to add it to my collection. May she rest in Peace.

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