Open My Eyes


How do I feel, well I don’t know how should I feel?

Am I supposed to think this charade isn’t real?

And it seems like I hide my disparity well

As I find my shame caught in the truth I conceal.

I messed up and I’m sorry

For my conscience is blurry

My head just isn’t very clear

And I don’t know what I’m about

Just listen and please help me out


And I know why I couldn’t gaze into your eyes

I want you close to me but I don’t realize

My mind’s full of haziness and you’re trapped inside

At least help me out to open my own two eyes


I retreat to the place

Where I know that I’m safe

But I can’t find solace

-Chorus- (2x)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is an older one, that I just happened to find recently.

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