Life is a love story that ends as a tragedy

Life is a love story that begins beautifully and ends as a tragedy.

I’m sorry to say but I was not born into a world of beauty.

When I was born you wouldn’t have known, but I did; what you saw was a baby girl crying and taking her first breaths.

But what I felt and what was really happening was me crying because I saw that this world that I was brought into was your first mistake into my life of undying sadness.

I saw my future as each drop of each tear ran down my face, but later forgot. 

As I grew older I didn’t remember those tears,

but all I saw was my beautiful life growing around me.

My family, 

My friends, 

And my God, 

All there to love and support me.

I grew more and more

I began to realize life wasn’t what it was like when I was younger.

It was harder, tougher.

I lost some friends and some family, but still had my God.

I thought “it’s going to be okay”. 

What a stupid thought.

I grew older…..

Life is horrible!



I’m dying inside! 

I can’t breath!

I can’t see life anymore.

I have no friends, no family, and no God. 

These tears….

I finally see it all.

This life is a tragedy. 

A tragedy I was born into.

I’m the tragedy that happened in my life.

I’m sorry.

Life is a love story that begins beautifully and ends as a tragedy.

It’s too bad that I’m my own love story.


BY: Marisa Chau

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