Trust To Rejection

To give someone your trust is a scary thing.

But to be betrayed from that trust that was given is even worse.

But the utmost awful feeling is it happening over and, over and, over again .

Never learning, always getting hurt, always hoping, always giving, never receiving.

Till one day you break.

All that rejection, all that distrust, dishonesty; you ended up building a wall you never knew you were building.

It’s a tall wall, no one a climb it.

Not even me.

But that’s what happens when you are the rejected and you fear being rejected once again.

I rather have a wall between me and everyone else than to trust someone who I might feel is distrustworthy.

I don’t want to get hurt again, not if it means I have to put faith into something that isn’t going to last.

My wall is for my safety.

For my heart,





 BY: Marisa Chau

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