My demands to be touch is blinding my judgment about men

I do feel like a man sometimes, I don't always think with me head. AHA!

The pulse between my legs is undeniable

It's needy and greedy for some fun

A slightest touch the right way in the right spot and my body heats up

Thoughts Oh! sweet mischievous thoughts

Imagine us between sheets 

Touching every inch of our bodies

Taking turns torturing each other in pleasure. 

I like to tease, I want you to want me even more

To act like animals with no bondaries, no limits, no shame

Everything seems so new, so sensual, so mmmm...

Just thinking about it makes me wet..

I cant seem to be able to stop, i cant control my thoughts

fantasies after fantasies 

The next one better then the first

Toys arent enough

Masturbating...by myself is out of the question

She is demanding the real thing: 

Physical contact

And I completely agree with her

Why settle for less when you can have more!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

7/21/2013 In the moment type of thoughts

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