Ambiguous Love poem #1

You should come with me

dance with me

and don't delay

and don't think twice

just open your mind and watch the sky just fade away

You and I are as one as the sun falls down and the moon goes up

and until we see the sun again there is no stopping us now

take my hand and I'll take yours as we light up the night sky together with our esoteric love and pride

Dream away but don't dream delay

because tonight without you just wouldn't be the same without you

I need you and you need me and that's really just okay

you don't have to be afraid anymore


nothing to fear

their's nothing to hold you back


nothing to tie you down

just me and you and the night sky is all we need

to be free

with me and you as one

right here and now and let's make this last forever

until the sun comes up

to wait till nightfall once more

only to do it all over again

and again

and again

To be only endlessly in love

with you


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