It's a sickness

I want to believe what you say

I do

But right now I don't feel very gorgeous

It's a sickness I can't seem to shake

And there's so many decisions I wish I could make

I feel like I'm collapsing under the pressure

the weight of the world on my shoulders

and feel like I must keep my composure

to ensure the safety of my fragile heart

my dear, I don't wish to make you hurt

it breaks me to know I may

and all I want to do is be able to tell you

that you mean the world to me

and I would never wish for your sadness

nor try to be the one who brings it upon you

but please know I'm not perfect

understand that I have a lot to work on 

but most importantly

know that I do trust you

More than you think I do

never once have I regretted meeting you

Tesa, please forgive me for the pain I have brought unto you

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