i knew nothing.

I still don't.

didn't look.

didn't need to.

the equation was wrote.

the answer was clear.

either you fix this yourself,

or your not worth it.

anything you may have been told,

was a lie.

any problem in my life would be dealt with the same way,

i always had.

if you think diffrent, try me.

No seething hatred.

No plan.

This is on you.

they had you jumping at shadows.


You think that was clever.

Clever was getting pregnant as I tried to leave?.

Well done, your right.

what a cunt I was,

I stayed. 



Weren't you happy living with a man,

Who didn't want you.

Who wouldn't even touch you.


My fault right?

I should have loved you for that.


An accident I could understand.


But to tell me you did it on purpose and


Punish me because I wouldn't marry you?


I was your friend.


Why didn't I destroy everything?


Because that's what you do.


I just try to keep away from people like you.


But if your ready to talk.



i've got nothing to do with those morons.

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