My Curse

Thinking of a girl

I have liked too long.

Whatever will come,

of this repiticous song.

Will I ever tell her

of how I feel?

Common and tell her

what's the deal?

She is lovely and beautiful

in many different ways.

What harm could come

if you told her today?

The thought of her

makes you want to live better.

Common off your feet man.

Go out and get her.

I can't and I wont,

I am too scared to harm her.

I care for her too much

to ever mar her.

I'll live this secret

all on my own.

One day maybe,

I wont be alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about a girl i have liked for 8 years and knowing it will go nowhere... a pointless search for an endless beauty. :(

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