Deeper Gaze

This is me sending out all the ways I can be independent. 


This is me crushing all the ways it would have ended. 


I don't see how you can crave a sensual touch as mine


Stare at me and I swear you'll only go back in time. 


Freak. You got more to live for than this. 


Steady now, because I'm trying to let go of bliss. 


This is me wondering where I turn up ahead. 


This is me and I'm sorry but this ain't pretend.


I don't see too well right now and I'm calling out. 


Send the void to the back and I'm breaking down.


Freak. You promised yourself more than this. 


Hurry now cuz I'm ready to let go of bliss. 


And I, as patient as one can be today, 


Forfeit the destruction that you said was okay. 


And I let go of all the things that I thought would be.


Why do I have to break your heart so I can be free? 


Freak. You wanted more than this. 


Beg me now for one shred of bliss.

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