The Call of the Void

Stay at a distance, I'm mostly a hurricane

All that's in my path, make use of some novacaine. 

Destruction at it's best, without missing a beat. 

I'm like a whirlwind, that's always on repeat. 

Step back from my attempts, but I think I wanna fly, 

Thoughts that run rampant, right behind my sullen eye,

Never seem so stable, as I walk back and forth. 

Follow a pattern, wonder about my worth. 

Walk slower as cars approach me

Senses come and so I flee.

Forget that thought somehow

Urge it away, I'm okay now. 

Don't come too close, I'll push you away just the same. 

All that I want dear to me, are all memories I can claim. 

Disturbing the peace, without even meaning to

I'm like a wild card, my actions give no clue. 

Throw away my safety belt, take one too many pills 

Puke it up soon after, how's that for some thrills?

Walk closer to the coming tide 

Everyone else would just run and hide...

Forget the call of the void

And everything else I've destroyed.

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