I’ll read your books

Bubble in the definite answer

Making my marks heavy and dark.

Making my marks heavy and dark.

Avoid that dreaded red X

If it means getting out of here

Before your eyes light up with success

Don’t think for a second

this is a wholehearted endeavor.

Going through your motions is but a necessary  nuisance.

Don’t give me some tassel on the cap of my blue uniform

to convince me it’s something it isn’t.

Call me out on my laziness? Ha! –

I wish to call you out on your naiveté

I have all the energy, the enthusiasm, in the world.

Would you devote your most precious gold,

Your every sparkling gem

To the creation of a hideous gargoyle

  painful to the eyes of customers?

Ponder that –

    you’re financially ingenious

Nor will I expend my naturally abundant-

yet unnaturally suppressed –

Joy, ecstasy, excitement

On a life painful to my own target market:


If you only knew how my soul can dance

Pupils the size of Saturn

Sparkling like the stars

The rings around them thin slivers of Earth’s brown

If you only knew the cause of this hysterical laughter

As I travel through the Land of Wherever,

Swimming in Lost and Loving It Lake

I’m laughing at you

Your eyes squinting, looking at a map.

Trying to distinguish which road will take you

to this elusive place of which you all speak.

They all look the same.

What do you see in these eyes of mine?

The circles are heavy and dark.

The circles are heavy and dark.

Just like you said.

I see the real questions, and suddenly the right answers

don’t seem so important.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Feb. '07)

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