All I want


I thought I was meant to be alone,
that no one would love me half as much,
would stay forever.

I thought I'd found my true angel,
yet another angel in disguise,
when I was blind, you opened my eyes.

Not used to feeling loved, wanted, appreciated,
only needed, ignored and forgotten.

You look in my eyes, see all I hold inside,
my doubts and fears disappear.

You offer a priceless gift,
one I don't know how to accept.

All I wanted was solitude,
to find the serenity I've longed for.

All I wanted was to be free,
close that door to my heart,
keep it safe from those who would harm.

All I wanted was someone who'd stay,
wouldn't have to watch them walk away.

All I wanted was to believe again,
to trust and cry, to be seen.

All I wanted was to live,
to breathe without suffocating,
love without chains.

All I wanted was to hide, to run,
to be accepted, understood.

You allow me to keep my walls,
let me feel safe in my own mind,
safe with you.

All I want is for time to stand still,
to watch you sleep and smile,
lie in your arms forever.

All I want is to float on this cloud,
enjoy this feeling,
for this peace to last.

All I want is for you to be mine,
today and every tomorrow,
till the last star falls from the sky,
all I want is a future with you.

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