Last Defense


You walk the world,
determined to walk alone,
let no one share your burden.

Finally you see it's a lie,
someone knows who you truly are,
all the pain you carry inside.

A healing touch or a killing blow,
with an angelic grace,
a lethal weapon, an instrument of strength.

Trying to make you understand the truth,
that I've always seen the real you,
but still you cling to that last defense.

No, it's not real, you're not alone.

Don't you see that?
Can't you see me there?

Tossed grenades at your wall,
pushed till it cracked, and down it fell.

You've broken and destroyed me,
then taken away all my pain,
I know what you're capable of,
because you do it to me over and over again.

A single stroke to end my pain,
send me to my grave once again.

A gentle touch to ease the hurt,
stop the blood you cause,
absorbing the tears you make me cry.

Agony, euphoria,
both you weild with dangerous intention.

Well I'm still here,
still standing by your side,
I won't run and hide.

Know you'll fight me,
even though you accept my presence,
it's your nature, yet you won't win.

In over my head, but I'm as strong as you,
you'll always have me, and I know whenever I turn around,
I'll always have you.

In time you're gonna see, just how strong I can be,
I'm in your life now, even if you don't want me to be,
there's no getting rid of me now.

So bring it on,
it's the world against you and me.

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I will stand with you at the

I will stand with you at the end of the world, holding on forever.

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I'll never let you go

As will I, our hands will never break from each other's again

It seems that the only people who can see pain in others' eyes, are people who have seen it in their own...