Angel by my side


So much time trying to keep everyone out,

carefully built walls turn to mist,

you walk through them all.

Lost and confused, can't get close enough to touch your heart,

too late I see, I've lost this game from the start.

Drawn to you with a need that blinds me,

can't refuse or lie to you,

the words will not set me free.

Can't run when you always follow,

the pain you feel that binds me to you,

you're at the core.

There's no escaping you, you're in everything I am,

everything I think, everything I do.

A helpless prisoner, waiting for a sign from you,

some indication of what I should do.

You can't love me back, your heart isn't able to,

you won't ever need me here, or you wouldn't admit if you do.

You refuse to use me like everyone else,

and only if I truly need to believe the lie,

you allow me to run from you.

Doomed to carry a love that will never be returned,

forever bound to you.

You offer me honesty, share the secrets you keep inside,

because you see that I know you,

see what no one did before.

I see the truth in you, see you for the vision you are,

opened your eyes to what you never noticed,

laughed at the wonder in your expression.

Closer to you now than I every thought I would be,

but it's not close enough,

because what I crave from you, you can never give me.

Content to have you near, a silent companion,

in peaceful bliss, it's somehow okay,

the rest of the word is fading away.

Can never trust you with my heart,

because I know you will always break it,

but that's okay, because I have this moment with you,

here and now.

We were never meant to have a future, not the kind I believed,

but this one we have now, it's better than that.

I have you beside me to help me breathe,

but how can I say in words that your nearness makes me want to die all over again.

So many thoughts of you buried in the back of my mind,

finally put into words, but you already know everything I couldn't say.

You ask me a simple question and the words pour from my head to your ears,

even though my mind is screaming at me to shut up, I can't stop the thoughts from flying.

Don't know where we go from here,

but we have each other, and isn't that enough?

I wish I could say everything I feel but I don't,

the words mean nothing if I can't share them with you.

I'll never hear you say you love me,

but I don't care, right now I have you in my life,

have you to stand beside and the darkness doesn't scare me.

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