The sky is darkening as the waves roll ashore,

I lie upon the beach, wishing for more.

Feeling you come and go,

wishing I was enough to make you stay,

but I know you have to leave anyway.

So tired of running from something I can't hide,

terrfied of showing you everything I feel inside.

You linger between the waves and land,

watching the water kiss the sand.

Letting go of all my fears,

I'm pushing past the boundaries and doubts

that have plagued me for years.

Don't know how to help you decide,

where you should be,

maybe all you need is time.

Patience is a virtue,

but I'm not that kind.

My love for you is the lighthouse that leads you to safety,

peace and serenity, relief in the solitude,

but you can't bring your ship to port.

Watching you go with a sad heart,

wondering if I lost this game from the start.

Could never say all the words I need,

that'd take a lifetime, a never satisfied hunger

that I can't find the appetite to feed.

You take me to the edge and watch me fall,

or push me over as I lose it all.

You always catch me before I shatter,

maybe all the words burning inside really do matter.

Maybe this isn't real, maybe it's all a game,

but I'm baring it all, can't you do the same?

How do I make you stay,

let you know that it's going to be okay?

Dancing on the edge of love,

you're a beautiful sight.

Watch the rays of the sun hitting you just right,

and my breath is gone, I can't win this fight.

Were you ever mine to hold,

am I saying too much, being too bold?

The honesty burns my lungs,

head drowning in protests,

tangled in your rope, foot slipping from the rungs.

You've given me a little bit,

don't stop there, show me everything,

let me know you care.

Caught between land and sea,

having you near means everything to me.

You wander away and I reach for you,

missing you already but you've gone,

my heart sings another mournful song.

So tired of holding things back,

so I'm laying it all on the line,

upping the stakes, rolling the dice and pray for luck

to be on my side.

Got nothing to lose and everything to gain,

I just want to know if I can find a place in your heart this time?

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